Cruelty Free Hair Care Products

  Iden Cosmetics Offers Cruelty Free Hair Care Products Using Bee Propolis.

Bee Propolis hair care products use a natural element that is found in beehives that have been used by humans for a long time in natural cures and ancient medicine. Some things from the past may need to evolve and change so people can grow as a whole human group. Other things should be revisited and embraced because they work effectively and sometimes even better than modern counterparts. Bee Propolis hair care products are the latter, you can improve your hair's condition with all-natural and proven ancient methods.

If you are hesitant to use bee propolis because you worry about the cultivation, rest assured that all of our offerings are cruelty free hair care products. Cultivating bee propolis is comparable to harvesting honey, there is no harm to the bees themselves and conscientious cultivators always leave enough for the bees to have plenty as well. In fact, most harvesters take the extra propolis the bees don't need during the regular honey harvest as not to unduly disturb the nest. If you have no moral objection to honey when harvested correctly, then you feel good about using propolis as well.


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