Iden Cosmetics Bee Propolis

  Three Reasons to Try Iden Bee Propolis Products.

Have you heard of bee propolis? If not, you may find that your hair care is about to be revolutionized by nature. Here are some reasons why you should try Iden cosmetics bee propolis as part of your health and beauty regime.


  • Bee Propolis is all-natural. Bee propolis comes right from the bee much like honey. Many understand the connection between natural remedies and effective cures without nasty side effects. It does not get much more natural than this substance made by bees from certain species of plants including pine and cedar. People have been using this ingredient effectively for health purposes for a long time.


  • It is effective for ailments ranging from scalp infection to postpartum hair thinning or loss. The two main components in the propolis are antioxidants and antiseptics. Together these two properties can help address infection and stimulate the cells for renewal. If your hair or scalp is not thriving it may be due to an underlying infection, or it may be due to a lack of proper stimulation. Whatever the reason, bee products address many possible issues with a gentle formula that improves the area.


  • It is cultivated with cruelty-free methods. Our propolis is harvested with honey with the greatest care to the health of the beehive. There is plenty in each hive for human harvesting and for the bee's to achieve their goals as well.

If you are ready to see what all the hype about bee propolis products are then order some of our Iden cosmetics bee propolis products. We stand by our natural bee propolis products because we see first hand how well they work.


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