Postpartum Hair Care

  We Have Your Postpartum Hair Care Solutions at Iden Cosmetics.

The changes that a woman's body goes through to make another human are epic and too large to list in a short article. Likely scientists do not even realize all the changes a body goes through for example they just recently found out that DNA from a baby can be found in various places inside the mother's body long after the baby is born! Aside from the indelible impact having a baby has on the heart, most new mothers also experience physical changes they do not anticipate. One of the negative changes may be hair loss, hair thinning, and hair brittleness. If you are dealing with any of these side effects then you may want to look into a Bee Propolis product. Most people understand that honey is highly effective for healing the skin, and beneficial health-wise. Bee products have been used more than you may realize for health and wellness. Many people do not know about Bee Propolis but once they learn about it they become fast recommend it to their close friends because this natural product is effective for so many ailments across the body.

We offer a hair loss treatment option for women concerned about postpartum hair care. Our Bee Natural Shampoo and Conditioner is a great place to start if you are not showing any symptoms of hair loss or thinning but you want to add natural effective ingredients to your beauty regime. We offer several stronger, more targeted products if you are already showing signs of hair loss or thinning such as our Scalp Therapy Regrogen line. Your hair may have experienced some changes with the hormone fluctuations of having a baby but we have your postpartum hair care support and hair loss treatment right here. From masks to use that strengthen your hair from root to tip, to scalp therapy that you massage right into your scalp to heal and rejuvenate hair growth, and of course our line of natural shampoos and conditioners that are both effective and gentle enough to use daily. Browse our site or contact us for a personalized recommendation for your postpartum hair care needs. Use your hair regimen as an excuse to unwind and find a few moments for self-care on a regular basis you will look great and feel balanced.


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